Tobias Giesen - Catalogue of Works


Südlich for soprano, flute, two guitars and CD
Beyond the Steps II for ensemble

Beyond the Steps I

for alto saxophone and harp


Sliced and Iced ;=) for piano


But what is beauty? for flute

Denn die Zeit ist nahe  for soprano and string quartet
Cadencas for Mozart piano concert in c minor

Fünf Gedankenszenen

for soprano, baritone, voice, and ensemble

Sieben Brüche for viola and tuba

Kammerspiele for two guitars

Abfuhr for violin and CD

2000 Mondumfangen for alto saxophone, harp, and boys or mixed chorus (SATB)

... und glühte für mich. for double bass, two remote musicians 
and large symphony orchestra

Musik für Orchester Nr. 2 for large symphony orchestra


...  an Schumann
(revised 2000)
for string quartet

... wie die Erinnerungswunde... for piano trio and ensemble
(version for unaccompanied piano trio is available)

... vom Strahlenwind ... for flute, two guitars and violoncello
... from uneasy dreams ... for flute, viola and harp


"while reading the novel by Joseph Roth" 
for chamber ensemble

HIOB II for solo cello and ensemble
Scherzo for violin and viola
Musik für Orchester Nr. 1 for large symphony orchestra


Kammerkonzert for solo violin, two solo pianos and seven woodwinds

Meerische Dämmerung
after Pablo Neruda
for soprano, flute, accordion and percussion

Nachtmusik for solo violin and ensemble

Universal Edition
U.E. 31246

Belsazar . . .

for piano solo

Drei Stücke for clarinet, cello and piano
Duo for viola and cello
Non tacet - "Hommage"
(download PDF file)
for trombone solo 


Icarus 96 for saxophone, MIDI-piano und PC-controlled synthesizer

Edition Dohr
E. D. 96352

including a variation of Bach’s choral 
Komm, o Tod, du Schlafes
for clarinet, violoncello and piano

Edition Dohr
E. D. 97408

Vier Stücke for clarinet and piano


Edition Dohr:
E. D. 97407
Neun Momente for piano
Momente for chamber ensemble (19 players)
Electronic Study
algorithmic composition for Roland JV1080 synthesizer
Edition Dohr:
E. D. 97410
Duo for alto saxophone and piano
Chaconne for small ensemble (fl., clar., sx., vl., vcl., piano)
Edition Dohr:
E. D. 97409
Vier Quartettsätze for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano


First Saxophone Quartet
Au coin d'une rue   
after Jacques Prévert
for baritone and seven instruments


R. I. P.
Strawinski connotations -
for flute, oboe, clarinet, alto sax.& bassoon 
flute, violin, clarinet, alto sax.& cello (1995)